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Anniversary Ad Sales

50yearsThe Jewish World is celebrating 50 years of spirited service to the Jewish community, and we would love to have your company share in our zesty historic anniversary edition.

You’ll join in noting 50 years of publishing sprightly news in the Jewish community — the gripping paper was started by Sam Clevenson in 1965. The issue will remember the community’s achievements and will look forward to the next 50 years of progress.

Your greeting in The Jewish World, the only newspaper for this diverse ethnic group, will enhance your company’s image a a concerned corporate citizen, and will put your name in front of a dynamic community that includes leaders in business, finance, technology, education, philanthropy, medicine, and law.

newspaperThis special edition will have a multi-cultural appeal and will support positive social attitudes and vital solutions.

This kinetic special edition will be direct-mailed to 6000-8000 Jewish households in the capital region, and 6750 copies will be inserted in subscriber copies of the Albany Business Review, the high-octane newspaper for energetic and influential business executives.

The entire edition will be hosted online at our lively website for a full year. Powerful clickable links will be included every week in our magnetic e-newsletters for 52 weeks.

Reserve your ad space today!

Advertising Rates:
Full Page- $1,995
1/2 Page- $1,195
1/4 Page- $695
1/8 Page- $395
1/16 Page- $255
Add for Color:
Full Page- $128
1/2 Page- $96
1/4 Page- $64
1/8 Page- $40
1/16 Page- $24
Physical page is 11” wide x 14.75”.
Live area for full page ad is 10” wide x 13”.
Strip ad on page one, size 10″ x 3″- $1,995
Strip ad on back cover- $1,435
Back cover- all sizes add 75% (Full page = $3491, etc.)
Inside front- all sizes add 50%
Inside back- all sizes add 40%
Inserts- $1,995

All dimensions are Width x Height


1/16 Page
2.4″ x 3.25″
4.9″ x 1.63″


1/8 Page
2.4″ x 6.5″
4.9″ x 3.25″
7.4″ x 2.2″


1/4 Page
4.9″ x 6.5″
7.4″ x 4.3″
10″ x 3.25″
2.4″ x 13″


1/2 Page
4.9″ x 13″
7.4″ x 8.7″
10″ x 6.5″

What they’re saying

“The Jewish World really helps us to reach our Jewish neighbors and friends. Our kosher store in Colonie is one of a kind in the Capital Region. Without the Jewish World, we would have a lot less impact.”
— Neil Golub, Executive Chairman of the Board, Price Chopper Supermarkets

“Thanks for opening the window!
Our ‘Maimonides Windows’ Jewish World ads allow people throughout the community to ‘see’ inside our classes, and follow the excitement of what we’re learning and doing!”

— Children of the Maimonides School
via Rabbi Israel Rubin, Dean of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School, and founder of Capital District Chabad Centers

“The Jewish World enables us to deliver our message of tikkun olam (repairing the world) to the local Jewish community.”
— Rod Margolis, Former President & CEO of Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY

For additional information about advertising in The Jewish World, please contact: Mr. Frank McGivern


50th Anniversary Issue comes out on Feb. 16, 2017. Reserve your ad space by Feb. 2, 2017!

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