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Awards presented by Maimonides School at annual dinner; Efforts of the late Moshe Losice noted

Rabbi Israel Rubin, rosh yeshiva of the Maimonides Hebrew Day School, presents Judge Ronald Goldman and his sister, Hope Berger-Nathan, longtime supporters of the school, with images of themselves and of the late Dr. Morton Berger. Berger had been a psychologist and community leader,

Maimonides Hebrew Day School Principal, Rochel Rubin,  right, presents Dini Gordon, left, with the Yahadus Curriculum Recognition Award. Teacher Dina Gordon had coordinated the first 5-year cycle of the curriculum program at the school.

Joshua, far right, and Amanda Gurock, center, and their children, left, pose with the Maimonides Award presented to them at the school dinner.

The annual Maimonides Hebrew Day School Dinner was held Tuesday, June 4, at the Shabbos House on Fuller Road in Albany. One hundred and sixty individuals attended the event, which awarded the Maimonides Award to Joshua and Amanda Gurock, the Yahadus Curriculum recognition award to Morah Dini Gordon, and dedicated the first part of its program to the late Moshe (Morris) Losice.

Remembrance of Moshe Losice was made by Rabbi Israel Rubin, rosh yeshiva of the Maimonides School. Howard Berger of Long Island and by Moshe Losice’s son Avi Losice, of Jerusalem, Israel. Also an eight -minute video presentation by 14 local community members and friends sharing their memories and impressions was featured.

The newly named “Maimonides Award” was presented to Joshua and Amanda Gurock by their four children, with each sharing how their parents model being a bridge between life’s contrasts and bends and they encourage joining segments of the community. Their theme echoed the overall theme of the evening. A video presentation had friends sharing tributes to the Gurocks, from neighbors and local community, to their rabbi from their former home in Omaha, and from friends in Israel.

Judge Ronald Goldman and his sister, Hope Berger-Nathan, longtime supporters of the school, were presented with a metal-printed image of themselves at a previous Maimonides Dinner along with a portrait of the late Dr. Morton Berger that has appeared each year in the Maimonides Journal/Yearbook.

The day school also noted the graduation of eight students from the school, located at  404 Partridge St., Albany,



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