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Chatham Synagogue slates A Chaim Grade Sampler

Chaim Grade

Chaim Grade, who Elie Wiesel praised as one of the greatest Yiddish writers and who others have called “the Yiddish Balzac,” created intimate novels and poems reflecting the rich panorama of Jewish life in Lithuania between the two world wars. A selection of Grade’s works will be performed (in English) by professional actors Robert Zukerman, Bernie Kukoff, and Lucile Lichtblau on Saturday, April 29, 7:30 pm, at The Chatham Synagogue. The actors are all synagogue members.

Born in 1910 into a pious, poor Vilnius family, Grade was to become one of the leading Yiddish novelists and poets of the twentieth century. His unvarnished portraits of both high rabbinic culture and the worldly life pulsating on Jewish streets depict the contest of ideas and moral impulses that defined his community during the interwar period. Rejecting the harshness of his religious education, Grade joined a group of Yiddish writers who strove to synthesize secular Jewish culture, progressive politics, and influences from the world’s great literatures. After losing both his wife and mother in the Holocaust, he emerged as a defining Yiddish voice of the postwar canon that would later become known as Holocaust literature.

The public is invited to this dramatic presentation. The synagogue’s is at 1336 County Route 28, Chatham Center, NY. Admission is $15, and refreshments will be served.  For further information, please call (518) 392-0701 or visit www.thechathamsynagogue.org.


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