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DC Report: Is Trump is your guy?

Douglas_BloomfieldDC Report
By Douglas Bloomfield – You want settlement construction on the West Bank to “keep moving forward” without interference or objections from the United States government?

You want a Middle East policy that will be “very good for the Palestinians?”

Trump’s your guy.
You want a mediator who says, “I’d love to negotiate peace” between Israel and the Palestinians and who has said he would be strictly neutral but is in it “just because — man, would that be a beauty” of a deal?

You want an ally who shifts policy without notice, sometimes in mid-sentence?

You want someone who loves Israel?

Trump’s your guy.
You want someone with a large number of “Arab and Muslim partners” and business investors throughout the Arab world, but still wants to ban Muslims from coming here?

You want a candidate who doesn’t follow the traditional hawkish GOP pro-Israel positions, but makes up what passes for policy as he goes along?

You want a candidate who has suggested that Israel, like other countries, should reimburse U.S. foreign aid and pay for the U.S. defending them? (Memo to Netanyahu: start saving your shekels.)

You want a candidate who believes Israel “never was properly treated” by the U.S?

Trump’s your guy.
You want a leader who will start trade wars with China, Mexico and other top trading partners

Is Trump Your Guy?

Is Trump Your Guy?

You want the United Nations to use its power to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal?

You agree with Trump advisor Walid Phares that the real estate mogul is “the only one capable of making a balanced peace that achieves the interests of both sides?”

You want the tiny finger of a megalomaniacal national security novice and xenophobe on the nuclear trigger?

Trump’s your guy.
You question “whether or not both sides want to make” peace?

You think Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons?

You want a president who said he opposed the Iraq war before it started, even though he actually supported it?

You’re an “America First” isolationist?

Trump is your guy.
You want someone who told wealthy Jewish Republicans that they’re a bunch of deal makers like him and only contribute to politicians they can buy, but he’s rich and doesn’t need them?

You want a guy who seemingly is winning the conservative Christian vote even though he boasts of being a serial adulterer and has been married three times?

You want a leader who boasts how rich he is, but refuses to prove it and is the only candidate who won’t release his tax returns?

You want a leader who admires Putin, quotes Mussolini, said Saddam Hussein “was great at killing terrorists,” and thought Muammar Ghaddfi should have kept his job?

Trump’s your guy.
You want someone who took nearly three months and demands by the Anti-Defamation League to reject the endorsement of ex-KKK wizard David Duke and to renounce anti-Semitism?

You want a bigot who calls Mexicans whores and drug users and wants to round up and deport 11 million undocumented persons?

You want someone who the conservative Center for Immigration Studies said “wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if it tripped over it in the street?”

You want a misogynist who has called women “fat pigs,” “dogs,” “slobs,” disgusting animals,” “bimbos,” said pumping breast milk is “disgusting,” thinks women should be punished for having abortions and boasts of his genital size?

You want a guy who promised an invitation-only audience his view of a coherent foreign policy and then delivered a largely incoherent and confusing speech?

Trump’s your guy.
You want a president with a Jewish son-in-law? It is your choice, Hillary Clinton has one, too.



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