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Jews give local Muslims keys to their synagogue after town mosque burns down

While some Texans are going out of their way to target and scare Muslims, there are others who serve as a reminder that, yes, there are people in America who do have a soul.

Over the weekend, the only mosque in Victoria, Texas burned down. The cause of the fire is unknown but until the new place of worship is built, the Muslims of Victoria had no physical home base.

Fortunately the local Jewish community swiftly stepped in and made an incredible gesture: they gave the Muslim leadership keys to the synagogue. Thanks to this offer, their Muslim neighbors will have space nearby to congregate while their mosque is reconstructed.

For the Jewish leadership the decision was a no-brainer. The president of the synagogue Robert Loeb explained:

“Everyone knows everybody, I know several members of the mosque, and we felt for them. This is sad for everyone in the community and as Jews we especially have to feel for the Muslim community. When a calamity like this happens, we have to stand together.”

And that’s how it’s supposed to be. We should want to help our fellow human beings in need, first and foremost.



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