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70 attend Daughters Of Sarah program to better communicate with dementia victims

Champions for the Buddies Forever dementia communication program at the nursing center are from left, Suheily Colon; Helen Manganaro, administrator; Nicole Graham, director of resident life; Rich Valace; Nadine Washington Clinical Coordinator; Penny Majewski; Toney Ann Fletcher; Jason Lloyd; Mary Roy; and Lauren DuBois.

The Daughters of Sarah Senior Community recently hosted a community presentation on dementia communication, “Buddies Forever: Life Enrichment for Families Living with Dementia.” Seventy people attended the program led by Erin Bonitto, M.S., A.D.C. founder and lead coach of Gemini Consulting, Inc. Buddies Forever, a hands-on dementia communication coaching system was developed by Bonitto,

Bonitto, trains, and works with senior community care staff throughout the United States to understand what happens within the brain of someone with dementia, and ways to better communicate with them to help increase comprehension and decrease their levels of frustration. Patients can join a memory care facility that uses validation therapy to help overcome the everyday obstacles that may have. This therapy can help enhance their dignity and increase happiness whilst reducing stress and gatherings like these raise awareness for such treatments.

“We were fortunate to have Erin discuss with family members of a loved one with dementia how their brain function changes as the disease progresses, and how we, as care providers, family members, and friends should communicate with our verbal and non-verbal exchanges, “stated Helen Manganaro, administrator for the Daughters of Sarah Nursing Center.

“Of all the information she shared with everyone, the most important message was for us to not say to a loved one with dementia, ‘…but I told you; don’t you remember?’ added Mark Koblenz, CEO.

Bonitto has been training select staff at Daughters of Sarah to become Buddies Forever Champions.



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