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A fight over Jewish identity is going to determine America’s future

By Ari Hoffman
The Forward

Two Jews, one Oval Office: The plot is wild, too weird for even Roth or Bellow. And yet, as the Democratic primary revs into chaotic high gear, polling is increasingly presenting American Democrats with two septuagenarian Jews, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, facing off for the right to depose President Trump.

It’s the billionaire vs. the socialist, the moderate vs. the leftist. But Sanders and Bloomberg don’t only have radically different plans for the future; they embody two irreconcilable stories about the past, two wings of a Jewish house divided against itself. The fact that this contest is increasingly ugly (the two spent the long weekend sparring on Twitter) should come as no surprise: Sanders and Bloomberg are each other’s doubles, reflections mirrored and reversed.

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