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After millionaire paid Jews to move to Alabama, couple struggles with new home

Terence Arenson lights a menorah in his home in Dothan, Ala., with Lisa Priddle to his right. Photo For The Washington Post By Kevin D. Liles

The Albany Times Union
– She was already going to be late to the church, where once again she would try to explain her religion, even though it seemed like most people in her town never really get it.

And now the latkes are burning.

Lisa Priddle wonders why she is trying so hard, why she is prepping and cooking and buying Hanukkah dreidels for people in the small Southern city that she and her husband moved to because a Jewish millionaire paid them to come build up the Jewish community there.

Given an offer of up to $50,000, she and Kenny picked up their lives and came to Alabama, but now they must think seriously about the anti-Semitism they’ve experienced, about moments you don’t forget, about that lingering feeling of being on the outside.

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