As the COVID-19 is affecting life and societies around the world, our connection to the past, our collective memory, our common traditions and beliefs are more important than ever.

All of YIVO’s online courses are now free effective. As restrictions continue to be imposed to help mitigate the spread of COVID19, “YIVO wants to help keep our spirits lifted and provide content to sustain our minds and soul,” said Jonathan Brent YIVO’s executive director.

Delve into the evolution of Yiddish theatre or learn about the rich history of Jewish life in Eastern Europe, Ashkenazi folklore and more. YIVO’s entertaining and enlightening Shine online courses feature an array of leading scholars and include nearly 1,000 archival objects. To register for a free Shine online course, go to

We will continue to update you with activities that will be happening remotely and new online resources that we will develop over the coming weeks. We will also be hosting regular live “check-ins” with YIVO staff members on Facebook live.

Please also take advantage of YIVO’s other free online resources:

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