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Beth Emeth holds 180th anniversary gala dinner

Several past presidents at the gala are pictured here with Rabbi Scott Shpeen. From left, Jan Reiss-Weitzman, Jill Goodman, Ilene Sykes, Lee Rosen, Steven Einhorn, Alan Iselin, Garry Sanders, Shpeen, Marvin A Freedman, Cathy Kimmel, Charles Stern, and Lauren Iselin.

ALBANY–A celebratory gala dinner, which served as the culmination of Congregation Beth Emeth’s (CBE) year-long 180th anniversary programs, was attended by 370 people at the Albany synagogue. Congregants wrote and performed a musical entitled “Beth Emeth at 180.”

“What was so very special about the gala was not only the impressive turnout, but the spirit and the energy of the evening, truly exemplifying the love and commitment our members feel being part of our congregational family,” said Beth Emeth’s Rabbi Scott Shpeen.

  It is not about the bricks and mortar of our campus.  It is not about all of our programs and activities. When all is said and done, it is about the relationships we share and the opportunity that CBE provides to enhance our connection to Judaism and our spiritual journey in life,” Shpeen added.

“It was a wonderful culmination to our year-long 180th anniversary celebration. The spirit and good feelings were almost palpable, as everyone seemed to enjoy being together. All involved in planning and producing the dinner and show did a superb job and even the weather cooperated so that we could hold the cocktail hour outside,” Lee Rosen, Beth Emeth Board President said.

“The gala was special because it was a heartfelt reflection of the deep connections members of our congregational family have for each other and our beloved Beth Emeth,” Jill Goodman, co-chairwoman of the 180th anniversary celebration said.

The Beth Emeth clergy and staff led a havdalah service at the gala. From left, Executive Director Kathy Golderman, Program Director Debbie Sokoler, Education Director Shara Siegfeld, Rabbi Scott Shpeen, and Cantor Jodi Schechtman.

Bill Kellert played Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise in the anniversary musical.

Congregants wrote and performed a musical. Some of the performers included, from left, Dan Dembling, Melvin Wigler, Fred Wander, Michael Barnas, Robin Sobol, Laura Dembling, Irish Falk, and Janet Wright.

Ellie Safranko, chairwoman of the anniversary dinner, center, with Abby Nash and incoming board president Andrew Safranko.



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