It is customary for lodges to have banners and this is the newly created the banner for the new Menchlik Order Of The Chill And Schmooze Jewish Lodge. The banner was made by Elisheva Morrison.

TROY–Congregation Beth Tephilah will start the Menchlik Order of the Chill and Shmooze Jewish Lodge on Sunday, July 14, at 5:30 p.m. at the synagogue, 82 River St., Troy. Lodge programs will be held twice a month and be open to the entire Jewish community. Each meeting will have a theme and a vegan dinner buffet will be available. Storytelling will be the main entertainment, but individuals are welcome to just chill, and schmooze, according to Leible Morrison, president of Beth Tephilah, who will be the emcee at lodge meetings.

The July 14 theme will be Jewish Heroes —What made them heroes?

Morrison explained that Jews at the turn of the century had problems getting into many social clubs as bias was rampant. So many Jews formed their own social clubs as a way to relax and relate to one another.

The Chill and Shmooze Lodge will expand on that concept and encourage camaraderie amongst Jews of any social circumstance.

He said, “Beth Tephilah lends itself to the lodge atmosphere with its brown paneled walls and drop ceiling. It offers a warm atmosphere with air conditioning.”

Admission to lodge meetings will be $5. Reservations for the dinner meeting may be made with Morrison the Sunday of the meeting up to 4:30 p.m at 518- 894-3490. Those interested in relating a story at a meeting are asked to contact Morrison as well.