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Cardiac patients at Ellis can rest easy with pillows created by Agudat Achim Women’s Network

Showing off their newly made pillows were: Front row: Josie Moses, Rina Moses, and Mira Stashower, 2nd row:  Randy Fox, Rebecca Stashower, Hillary Fink,  and Talya Stashower, 3rd row: Vanessa Preville, Sara Gavens, Rosalyn Foote, Joanna Sanzo, Denise Naparstek,  and Linda Shapiro, and 4th row:  Gilah Moses, Ellie Schantz, Ricki Shapiro, and Sharon Wohl. Eliana Moses and Linda Birnby, not pictured, also helped with the project.

SCHENECTADY– Recently, 20 members (and  possible future members) of Congregation Agudat Achim’s Women’s Network held the 11th annual Hearts and Hummus service program. The  group made heart-shaped pillows for the cardiac patients at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady.



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