ALBANY–The Colonie Chabad Chai Center has announced a plan to print a Jewish book for the first time in the Town of Colonie. The Likkutei Amarim,  known as the Tanya, was written by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, and is the seminal book of Chabad philosophy on the world and on the human experience, according to Rabbi Mordechai and Chana Rubin of Colonie Chabad, and the book project organizers.

“Throughout Jewish history, during times of difficulty, Jewish communities have gathered together to write a Torah scroll to bring blessings and health to their area,” said the rabbi adding,  “while we are not embarking on such an ambitious project at this time, printing the new Tanya may offer a bonus of spiritual protection.”

In the 1980s the late Lubavitcher  Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson began a campaign to have a Tanya printed in each city in the world as a unifying force, and over 7,000 editions have been printed. “When we personally make something happen, we feel connected to it, it becomes something personal and relevant. A hand-made scarf is far more precious than one bought at the store. Similarly, by printing our own Tanya here in Colonie, we are making a statement that the ideas inside this book, the words and thoughts contained within, are real and important to us,” said the rabbi.

All are welcome all to participate  in creating Colonie’s Tanya whether by joining in through studying and joining a Tanya overview lecture by Chana Rubin, and, or by partnering in the printing. Each participant will receive a hard copy.

Rabbi Rubin at 518-368 -7886 or can provide details.