Rabbi Anchelle Perl

Adapted reflections by Rabbi Anchelle Perl
Chabad Mineola. LI, NY
In the aftermath of this election, I beg of you to approach people with humility, to make room for those who conclude differently. For I care less about who you vote for, than how you treat people who voted differently than you. Through denigrations and accusations no one wins, our only real influence is with love and dialogue. Do not get petty, and do not allow arrogance and fear rule you.

 Let us recognize that it is the Master of the Universe who orchestrates domestic, foreign, and of course all policies and their consequences. To be a student of Jewish history is to recognize the Almighty’s guiding hand. His hand guided our history and ultimately, it is His hand that is guiding our destiny, no matter the outcome of an election.

 The candidate that wins any election not only reflects the will of the people, but much more importantly, the will of our creator.

 There is a funny meme going around with a box to select the Democrat Party, the Republican Party and an extra box, The Shabbat Party! The Shabbat Party is a metaphor for the celebration of the unity of all things good, when the higher purpose becomes our fulltime conscious.

The Shabbat Party reminds us that God is saying It’s My world, and you work for Me. Don’t be anxious about politics and elections. Do what you have to do and let Me do the rest. All the scientist and experts in the world could not curtail a tiny virus, you think they will take My world from Me? You think any individual will derail the course of history?

Although we may find certain values that in either party aligning with our own, ultimately, we must know that we all belong to a party in a whole different league, which rises above the politics of both sides. We do not sell our souls to any singular party, because at our core existence there are no parties.

 We really all have one divine mission from God to bring goodness and kindness into this fragmented world. Despite the challenges, we continue living with the beautiful values and morals of the study of the Torah and the performance of good deeds.
Let us resolve to stand for a safe and good America. A safe and good world, filled with truth, morality and redemption. Remember that it’s God’s world we are fighting for.

We pray for unity and civility in our communities and in our country. For the ability to see God’s hand in this and every other part of our lives.

God Bless America!

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