Dr. Justus Rosenberg, left, professor emeritus of languages and literature at Bard College, was recently made commandeur in the French Legion of Honor at the French Consulate in New York City, The ambassador of France to the United States Gérard Araud, right, presented the medal. Photo courtesy of Emily Stern

Rosenberg is the last surviving member of the emergency rescue committee, led by American journalist Varian Fry.

The ERC — operating out of Marseille —rescued artists and intellectuals from the Nazis in 1940-41, among them Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, Franz Werfel and André Breton.

After the ERC was expelled from France, Rosenberg was left behind. Arrested, he escaped from a detention camp and joined the French underground, where he fought until he was reassigned as a reconnaissance officer to the American Army, as part of Task Force Butler. As the war ended, Rosenberg worked as a supply officer, helping 17,000 displaced persons.

Rosenberg still teaches at Bard College.

Dr. Rosenberg’s memoirs will be published in 2018.