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Egypt issues ultimatum to Hamas, demanding halt of flaming kites into Israel

Israeli firefighters extinguish flames in a wheat field caused from kites flown by Palestinian protesters.

(JNS) – Egypt  has issued a warning to Hamas to put a halt to launching of flaming kites and balloons into Israel from Gaza, according to a report in Ynet.

The ultimatum followed Israel’s announcement on Monday evening, July 16,  that it would close the Kerem Shalom crossing to gas and fuel supplies after Hamas launched a rocket into Israel earlier that afternoon.

Also on Monday evening, Egypt announced that it would temporarily close the Rafah crossing in the wake of a technical malfunction.

According to the Ynet report, Hamas told Egypt that it could not entirely eliminate the kites and balloons, though allegedly told Egypt that it was working to reduce the number of incendiary balloons.



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