The Horowitz family (4 generations) views the exhibit. From left, Abby (mother), Les (great-grandmother), Meir (student-artist), and Barney (grandfather).
The Rockwood family (3 generations)  views the exhibit from left, Bill Rockwood and Adrienne Rockwood (grandparents), Shayna Malsan, Mya Malsan (student-artists and granddaughters), and Heather Rockwood (mother).

Students from Hebrew Academy of the Capital District held a Kindergarten through 8th grade art exhibit at The Massry Residence at  the Daughters of Sarah.  Several artists from the school have grandparents living at The Massry Residence, an assisted living residence in Albany“It was a very proud day for the student-artists to talk about their artwork with their grandparents and great-grandparents,” commented Christine Camp, activities director at The Massry Residence.

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