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High Holidays and relating to Hashem will be themes for Beth Tephilah lodge on Sept. 8

From left, Moshe Kudan, Berel Leight and Leible Morrison re-enact the incense offering of the Holy Temple at a recent Chill And Schmooze Lodge program.

TROY–The Sunday, Sept. 8, Chill And Schmooze Lodge held at Beth Tephilah Synagogue, 82 River St., Troy will feature discussions about relating to God, and the upcoming High Holidays. A shofar demonstration and a vegan buffet are also on the agenda. Plants used on Sukkot will be reviewed.

A recent  lodge meeting highlighted the incense offering at the Temple in Jerusalem two thousand years ago. A hands on demonstration of the incense offering was presented on a life-sized model of the altar that had been constructed by  David Weinberg.

A slideshow gave those attending an idea of how the inside of the temple (where everything took place) looked.

Everyone had a chance to smell the incense as well as a chance to grind the ingredients. The spirituality of the sense of smell was discussed.

Suggested donation/admission for the next buffet and meeting is $5. Leible Morrison, organizer, at 518 -894-3490 is taking reservations and can provide information.



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