From the book jacket of Myron Superman’s  new book The Last Jewish Gangster from Meyer to Myron.

SARATOGA SPRINGS–“The history of the mob and the history of Jews in America are intertwined, and it’s a history that Myron Sugerman, author of the recently released book The Last Jewish Gangster from Meyer to Myron, will discuss on Tuesday, July 31, at 7 p.m.  at  Saratoga Chabad, 130 Circular St., Saratoga Springs,” said Rabbi Abba Rubin, codirector of the Sarataga Chabad.  A wine reception is planned.

Sugerman is slated to tell the Mob story from a Jewish viewpoint, with stories gleaned from his firsthand experiences and family connections. He will discuss: How the mob fought the American Nazi Party in the 1930s, how it provided vigilance on the piers of New York during World War II and its cooperation with the U.S. Department of Navy Intelligence, how it secured arms for Palestine in violation of the Neutrality Act and how the Italians and Irish Union members on the piers of New York cooperated to send arms to Palestine.

An admission /donation of $10 has been announced. The rabbi, who can provide details, is taking reservations at 518-526-0773 or by email