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JW’s 50th edition brings back memories!

The 50th anniversary edition is incredible. It brought back many memories.

I had the pleasure of teaching for Shraga Arian, OBM, at the Hebrew Academy. He was simply irreplaceable. To see his antics during Shabbat lunch at the school and to observe his educational approaches made one strive to become the best educator one could be. Thinking outside the box was good. Good teaching involved creativity. Primarily, Judaism was something to love, and he nurtured this love in his students and staff.

And I remember clearly the butchers of the ’70s. It was a call to the Kagans that I made when we moved to the Capital District in 1969 that helped introduce us to the Jewish community. Soon after I called Kagan, I received a call from Jean Becker, who invited me to a Hadassah barbecue where I met so many wonderful women, many of whom remain in this area…and help keep the Jewish community vibrant.

Jack Kaplowitz’s piece rings true, as it’s difficult for others elsewhere to understand the cohesiveness that exists between the various synagogues and rabbis here, and the respect our community has for all.

Seriously, I’ve read the insert three times and plan on doing so again. It’s a marvelous journalistic accomplishment. Sam and Pearl would definitely be proud of your endeavors.

From strength to strength. Mazal Tov!

Shelley Abelson



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