Is this what we’ve come to, which side hates Jews more, the right or the left?

In Ameer Benno’s article “The left is to blame for anti-Semitic violence” (Feb. 6, 2020), he claims the problem is with the left. I think we have to admit that both sides are the problem. They may use different language, but at the end of the day it’s the same thing.

Mr. Benno states that “… Trump is not to blame for it.”  Trump is the president and as such sets the tone for this country. When still campaigning he demonized “Mexicans” and Muslims.  At that moment I knew we were in trouble.

In short order we found out that he supported white supremacists (David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan endorsed him.  He commented that in Charlottesville “there were good people on both sides.”) Several days later he made a forced apology that lasted a short while and then he was back at it again.

I’m not so naïve to think anti-Semitism started 3 years ago. However, by Trump’s words and actions he has encouraged it. Trump doesn’t have to make anti-Semitic comments, he supports racists and they say it for him.

As for Trump’s support of Israel, he is actually supporting his right-wing Christian base. Their support of Israel is questionable. They want all Jews to go to Israel and then the Rapture will occur. During that time all the Jews will burn and die. Somehow, I don’t feel comforted by their “support.”

The anti-Semitic tropes (“all Jews care about is money” and “Jews have dual loyalty”) have come out of Trump’s mouth as well as from some left-wingers.

What we all need to do is call out anti-Semitism whenever and wherever it occurs.

Laura Silver Kuhne