I would like to return to my previous argument of the serious danger that some Americans of Jewish heritage pose to Judaism as depicted in Jonathan Tobin’s article regarding Jonathan Pollard ( Page 1, April 2 and on this web page).

Again, Jonathan Pollard was a very small fish in the CIA, and his actions, though stupid and very wrong, did not compromise the life of any American. To give him the title “American Traitor,” like Benedict Arnold, is insane and evil.

Jonathan Tobin belongs to the group of American media people and politicians who see Israel as endangering their personal standing in the American society. In addition, Israeli successes, and, yes, billionaires, are a very sour point for their psyche.

The center of the Jewish world is Israel, not America, and we all have to come to terms with that. The U.S. is the leading country on this planet, but American Jews are not leading the Jewish world.

There are many problems in Israel. There is significant inequality, there are criminal Mafias, there are corrupt politicians. But let us not forget that we are talking about 8 million Jews. Eight million that are living a Jewish life even when many of them are secular. They are speaking the tongue of the Bible, and celebrating its holidays as a way of life.

In the current Biden Administration, the leading figures with tremendous power, Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State; Robert Malley, envoy to nuclear Iran; and John Kerry, the global warming czar, are all highly critical of Israel, and are very dangerous.

This situation has never occurred in any American administration, where the only friend that Israel has is the Secretary of Defense, an African American.

Even without any Jewish compassion, Israel of today is highly critical for America, militarily, technologically and financially, to the point that damage to Israel is a direct damage to America.

And just like the problems on our Southern border, the Biden Administration may be inflicting damage to America as a result of psychological and bankrupt ideological issues.

We just learned that John Kerry has disclosed highly sensitive information to Iran about the Israeli defense strategy. Will Jonathan Tobin call him “An American Traitor?”

Isaiah, who in my view was the greatest poet who ever walked the planet, and whose words were chosen by the United Nations to be written on its walls, said “Your destroyers and destructors will come from within you,” an ominous warning to us.

Hiram Cohen
Colonie, NY