The article in your newspaper this week by Ron Kampeas, “Jewish Republicans come to praise Trump, and to strategize about selling him to other Jews,” contains the claim that during an online townhall broadcast,
“RJC’s [Republican Jewish Coalition] executive director, Matt Brooks, repeatedly pressed [Mark] Levin to refute claims by Democrats that Trump has enabled anti-Semites, particularly when Trump in 2017 described ‘very fine people on both sides’ of a deadly neo-Nazi March in Charlottesville, Virginia.
“’It’s one of the repetitive narratives of the Democrats in terms of trying to scare the Jewish community that President Trump is an anti-Semite or if he’s not an anti-Semite, he allows or encourages through dog whistles white nationalists and people who traffic in anti-Semitism,’ Brooks said. He prompted Levin: ‘Talk about that, talk about Charlottesville.’”
I watched the video; Brooks said nothing about “very fine people on both sides” although Kampeas’ article makes it appear he did.  The “good people” is itself a totally out of context quote used by people who hate President Trump.
This is what Mr. Brooks actually asked Mr. Levin:
“Canary in the coal mine has been New York in the last year or so we have seen countless horrific attacks of Hasidic and Orthodox Jews just walking along the street in NYC, the rise of antisemitism being allowed to fester and take place under Mayor de Blasio’s nose. But we see a broader rise of antisemitism we see a normalization with athletes and with television personalities of Louis Farrakhan trafficking in antisemitism openly.  My question for Mark is where do you see is the rise in antisemitism in this country, where is it coming from, what does it mean and I have a second question, because everybody on this call hears a lot and it’s one of the repetitive narratives of the Democrats . . .”
Also not recorded in your paper is what Mr. Levin answered, which is as follows:
“During the riots, there was a pogrom in the Fairfax part of LA that wasn’t reported on any single major network television show . . . 1/3 of the synagogues in this area of the country were descicrated and vandalized and swastikas were all over the place;  and this is Black Lives Matter, BLM is a Marxist, anarchist, antisemetic anti-American organization.  The Cops are an excuse.  Racism is an excuse.  …”
I understand your newspaper hates President Trump.  I’ve pointed out slanted reporting by “The Jewish Week” a number of times.  You are entitled to hate whomever you wish to hate, but please, for the sake of accurate reporting and decency, don’t continue to print made-up stuff in your newspaper.  Brooks made no mention of the out of context “good people” quote.  The article makes it appear he did.
Shavuah tov.
Stuart Gang

Readers please note:
The Jewish World attempts to present various views in its newspaper and on its web pages.

We have run positive Trump articles. Some overtly so. We have also received negative responses to some of those articles.

The article referred to in the letter (7/23, P. 10 and on our web page) was about a zoom program sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) in hopes of the president’s re-election in 2020. Reporter Ron Kampeas may have been attempting to give readers some context in his article about what individuals take issue with regarding the remarks of Trump in relation to Charlottsville, Va. immediately following the 2017 neo-Nazi march there. At the time the RJC requested the president “to provide greater moral clarity in rejecting racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism.”

The letter writer is making an assumption when he says that referencing the remarks made by the president indicate hatred of the president. The overall point of the conference as reviewed in the article seemed to be that Trump supporters dialogue with other Jews —who are not supporters— about the positive aspects of the Trump administration  in relation to various Jewish concerns— in particular his Mideast/ Israel policy.

We acknowledge that political passions are often high and regret that the letter writer feels that the article shows a deliberate anti–Trump administration bias. Some of our articles do; some do not.

And we are not affiliated with the Jewish Week newspaper.