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Maimonides students note Yom HaShoah and Israel Independence Day with butterfly flag

Students who helped cut and design the paper butterflies included from left, Tzipporah Kaufman, Simi Itkin, Devorah Leah Sussman, Bluma Rubin, Muky Kochman, Sophia Gurock, and in the upper right- Talia Semel, (Morah Rivi Bahir teacher is pictured), and Odelia Costa.

Maimonides high school students who brought the butterfly flag to show The Massry residents as part of the school’s Better Together  intergenerational program  are from  left, Leah Gurock, Esther Wildman, Mussie Rubin, Rivkah Laber, Ita Gordon, and Chaya Rubin.

Maimonides Hebrew Day School’s art teacher Rivi Bahir recently worked with 36 of her students to create an Israeli flag made from 1,800 blue and white paper butterflies. The goal of the project was to note Yom Ha Shoah and Israel Independence Day.

A poem written by a child in the Theresienstadt concentration camp  “I never saw another butterfly” was the inspiration for Bahir who wished to transform artistically  the sorrow of the  Holocaust observance with the hope of the birth of Israel.  She said, “We began with sadness and ended with joy and pride, we went through a journey of hard work and dedication, it was a teamwork with a lots of hope and ambition that brought us to this amazing art work. A small change today could make a big difference in the future.”


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