Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to the American Jewish Committee, urged Israel to stand with the United States against China.

“Standing up to the Chinese Communist Party is a growing challenge to the United States, to Israel, indeed to all free people,” he said in an address Sunday, June 14, to the AJC’s annual Global Forum, which was moved online because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Pompeo alluded to the Trump administration unhappiness with Israel for its expanding commercial ties with China, which U.S. officials believe offers the Asian nation a back door to obtain intelligence on Israeli and U.S. military capacities.

“Beijing’s opaque military buildup, reckless indifference to its internal obligations, and disinformation campaigns endanger us all,” he said. “We all must be alert to the Chinese Communist Party’s threat to our way of life. Standing against bad actors is at the core of America’s values. Both of our nations are rooted in respect for God-given rights, individual freedom and human equality.”

The Global Forum was to have been held in Berlin this year.

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