Avner Avraham

SARATOGA SPRINGS–Congregation Shaara Tfille and The Jewish Community Center of Saratoga Springs will present a former Mossad agent and an expert in Israeli spy operations, Avner Avraham, on Sunday, Nov. 8, at 1 p.m. The guest speaker will be live streaming from Israel in a program open to the entire community.

Avraham will share his reflections about the Mossad mission entitled Operation Finale, which involved the capture of Nazi war criminal and architect, Adolf Eichmann. Avraham has described Eichmann as, “The machine; he was the one responsible for the schedule of how to send all the Jews to death, how to manage all the trains…he’s also known as the one who came to Hungary and sent most of the Jews to death.” May 11, 2020 marked the 60th anniversary of his capture.

When Avraham was a lieutenant colonel in the Mossad, he uncovered artifacts such as the fake passport used to secretly transport Eichmann out of Argentina and original letters alerting authorities that Eichmann was hiding under a false identity. Avraham felt compelled to share this real-life incredible story of great evil being taken down. He has received recognition for his museum exhibit, “Operation Finale —The Capture of Adolf Eichmann,” which featured the glass booth that shielded Eichmann from getting shot at while being questioned at his globally televised trial.

Avraham was subsequently hired as the chief Mossad key consultant for the MGM movie, “Operation Finale,” starring Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac. 

Avraham is also the CEO and producer of Mossad Coins, a company that creates coins with detailed pictures that bring to life stories about dangerous Mossad humanitarian missions. He produced his first coin last year to commemorate Operation Finale. Avraham will be donating one coin to Congregation Shaara Tfille, and one will be given to the person who answers questions relating to the mission correctly during the question and answer session.

Those interested in joining the Zoom program are asked to e-mail likebertrand518@gmail.com to obtain the live streaming link.

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