The first, in what is expected to be an annual Chanukah Film Festival starts on November 28.

An association between Menemsha Films and ChaiFlicks with over 200 synagogues and Jewish film festivals across North America will make 11 films available (virtually) over eight days, featuring both world and U.S. premieres. Filmmaker discussions will also be included.

There are several groups in the area that have chosen to partner in this.

Subscribers can sign up for the “2021 Hanukkah Film Festival Gold Pass” for $36.

Subscribers can share this holiday experience with their families.

Highlights include the world premiere of the animated Chanukah short “The Broken Candle” on opening night, Sunday, Nov. 28. Also featured are two premieres of stories that illustrate the diversity of Jewish origins, from the short film  about the Inquisition (“Xueta Island”) to a story of Pancho Villa in the feature documentary “UnRaveling.”

Closing night on Dec. 5 premieres an awarded family drama and winner of four Israeli Academy Awards, as well as the most popular Audience Award winner of the season, the film “Here We Are.”

The trailer for the festival is available at

Half of the total revenue is shared with each of the participating festivals and synagogues.

The festival registration is available at and subscribers can apply a sponsor code from participating groups.

“Saratoga Jewish Community Arts is a local sponsor of year-round programming for the community. This Chanukah Film Festival is a change of pace for our local area and provides 11 films for a weeklong offering of top notch holiday programming,” said Phyllis Wang, coordinator of Saratoga Jewish Community Arts and a member of Temple Sinai in Saratoga. “Many thanks to Menemsha Films for arranging this Festival and engaging us to be a part of it.”

Check with a favorite Jewish organization regarding involvement or the film festival website, for local specifics.

The Saratoga Jewish Community Arts may be credited by entering the code SJCHFF.