Bernie Sanders  Photo courtesy  of Sean Rayford/Getty Images.

By Ari Hoffman
The Forward

So, it could really be Bernie. Amidst the wreckage of Iowa, Sen. Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont, looks ensconced in the catbird seat. He is seemingly ahead in the Hawkeye popular vote, and poised for a win in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, the ostensible front runner, Vice President Joe Biden, seems to be going in the wrong direction — a distant and dismal fourth in Iowa, and melting leads in Nevada and South Carolina. Numbers and intuition nod in agreement. The movement Sanders began in 2016 is likely to come to fruition in 2020.

Sanders has come extraordinarily far already. It isn’t that nobody thought this could happen; the memories of his strong 2016 run continue to reverberate, and his core supporters have never wavered.

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