What are they thinking? Fifty-three years ago, a Palestinian terrorist named Sirhan Bishara Sirhan showed up in Los Angeles – the height of the 1968 presidential campaign – and murdered Robert F. Kennedy, a likely-to-win Democratic candidate, US Attorney General, brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy. A California parole board now aims to free him.

Wrong does not come more wrong. Here is why. On August 27, the California parole board “granted release” of Sirhan, Kennedy’s confessed assassin. A 90-day review now kicks in, and then – whoever is Governor of California, current Governor Newsom, or replacement – decides.

Ironically, Sirhan should not even be alive. On that fateful day in 1968, Sirhan shot young Robert Kennedy four times, once in the head, twice in the back, and fourth time.

He shot five other people, who recovered. He did so avowedly out of hatred for Kennedy’s support for Israel. Five people wrestled Sirhan to the ground.

Sirhan not only confessed to the killing and pled guilty, but he also requested to be executed. A federal judge declined to accept his confession, declined his guilty plea, and declined his execution request. The trial established Sirhan has planned, practiced shooting, told others his intention. Nor did he disavow his motivation – deep anti-Semitism, hatred of Israel, and political terror.

Sirhan was eventually sentenced to death. The prosecutor was none other than World War II hero “Buck” Compton, made famous by Tom Hank’s “Band of Brothers” series. Buck was revered at the law, eventually appointed to California’s Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan.

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