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Anti-Semitism & Israel’s Battle for Public Opinion: The Fight for our Future

Chuka Ikpeze

The Jewish State faces many challenges today: internally, regionally, and internationally. The disproportionate media coverage presents another challenge in capturing hearts and minds, and portraying the true image of Israel.

Anti-Semitism adds a significant dimension in the perception of Israel, in both its classic form and its newer manifestations. There is much we need to know, and DO, to secure our future as a Jewish community and to stand up for ourselves and the Jewish State.
*Chuka Ikpeze is a Nigerian-born American completing his final year of medical school. As a representative of StandWithUs, Ikpeze frequently speaks at conferences and campuses supporting Israel.
Ikpeze is a friend of Israel and had the privilege of visiting the Holy Land twice, staying for a total of three months.
“I believe we are living in a crucial time where the dichotomy of perception regarding Israel is more skewed than ever. The unprecedented rise in anti-Semitism warrants an equally strong stance against it. As a voice for Israel, it is a responsibility of mine to speak up in an effort to dispel the prevalent biases that unfortunately plague the country today.”—Chuka Ikpeze
This event is sponsored by the Brandeis Baruch, Chaim Weizmann, and Maimonides Societies.
Donations to the Federation Annual Campaign are appreciated, but not required to attend. To register, please click here.

The Federation’s affinity societies that are sponsoring the program are the Brandeis Baruch Society for Jewish business, financial and legal professionals, the Chaim Weizmann Society for Jewish academic, government and technology professionals and the Maimonides Society for Jewish medical and health professionals



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