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The Jewish Federation lists availability of academic scholarships

The Jewish Community Endowment Fund of the Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York has announced the availability of academic scholarships.  Scholarships include:

Undergraduate College Scholarships

The Abraham & Eleanor Staff College Scholarship

$4,075 grant available

The recipient of the award must be between the ages of 17 and 24. The applicant’s parents must demonstrate financial need and show a copy of their most recent tax returns for the preceding two years as part of the application; each parent separately if they have not filed together. The applicant must have been raised as, and consider him/herself to be Jewish, and display leadership qualities in general and Jewish activities. The family of the recipient must reside in the Capital Region.

The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 (or an 88 cumulative average) in high school and taken at least some Advanced Placement and/or honors courses in high school.

Priority will be given to a student attending a college or university associated with the State University of New York, but if it is demonstrated that a student is receiving substantial financial aid to attend a private school or a state school in a place other than New York and still has financial need, that student may be considered for the award.

If the recipient continues to demonstrate financial need, maintains a cumulative grade point of at least 3.25 in college and is on track to complete his/her undergraduate degree within four consecutive years, s/he will be automatically eligible to receive the scholarship each year for up to four years.

Interested applicants should submit a letter of application, high school transcripts, and all information s/he wishes to have considered by the committee.

David and Rose Udelson Bray Scholarship

$2,000 grant available

The Fund is intended to benefit students, preferably Jewish, to help subsidize the expense of a college education, to be disbursed at the rate of $2,000 per year to a different student each year.

Judith Littman Wax and Oscar Ben Zion Wax Scholarship

$3,600 grant available

The fund provides a scholarship to an outstanding young Jewish woman who grew up in the Capital District to enable her to enrich her Jewish learning through study or travel. The recipient must be enrolled in a program that has the purpose and focus of enriching Jewish knowledge.

The program can be a formal educational program, a tour that includes a Jewish focus on Jewish sites, yeshiva learning, college studies with a preponderance of Judaic studies courses, or other educational opportunity that will enrich the recipient’s Jewish learning.

The grant should be used following high school graduation and is available to any outstanding Jewish woman during her undergraduate study years. (women who return to school later in life are eligible if they are studying at the undergraduate level.)

The recipient must have a commitment to her Jewish identity. A range of criteria will be considered when reviewing applications including, but not limited to, the applicant’s academic performance (transcript required), Jewish community involvement, evidence of Jewish community leadership, talents and interests, and other factors that the applicant wishes to share with the committee. The grant is based solely on merit, not financial need.

Medwin/Krouner Pharmacy Scholarship

$900 grant available

The Fund provides a stipend to a Jewish student (or students) at the Albany College of Pharmacy. The recipient will be chosen based on character, academic record, service to the Jewish community as demonstrated through interests, activities, and financial need. These criteria will be assessed through a letter of application, references and, if the committee requests, a personal interview.

Graduate Student Scholarships

Axelrod-Lichtenstein Scholarship

$700 grant available

The fund provides a merit scholarship to a Jewish medical-school student who is in good standing at an accredited medical school and studying for an medical doctor  degree. The applicant must have completed at least one year of medical school. A medical school transcript is required. The committee will consider volunteer activities and other interests. The grant is based solely on merit, not financial need; however, if there is more than one suitable applicant and one has a greater financial need than the other(s), the committee has the discretion to consider financial need when awarding the grant.

Hilda & Dr. John Lanzkron Medical Scholarship

$325 grant available

The fund provides a scholarship to a Jewish medical-school student in good standing at an accredited medical school. A medical school transcript is required. The committee will consider volunteer activities and other interests.

Paul M. Gans Scholarship

$700 grant available

This fund provides a scholarship to a graduate student studying toward a career in Jewish communal service, including the rabbinate, the cantorate, Jewish education, Jewish social work, etc. Priority will be given to those individuals who establish academic ability and/or financial need.

The deadline for all applications is Friday, Feb. 22. Letters of interest and any information applicants wish for the committee to consider may be sent to Deborah Goldstein, director of planned giving and endowments at the Jewish Federation of NENY, The Golub Center, 184 Washington Avenue Ext., Albany, N.Y. 12203-5306. Questions may be directed to Goldstein, 518-783-7800, ext. 230.



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