Marilyn Shapiro and her husband Larry on the cover of her new book.

The Jewish World’s columnist Marilyn Shapiro has announced the publication of her second compilation of columns originally published in this newspaper. It is entitled Tikkun Olam: Stories Of Repairing An Unkind World.

Many of her columns have reflected her life: growing up in a close knit family in a small town on Lake Champlain, getting married to Larry and the raising of their children Adam and Julie. Shapiro’s adventures in Clifton Park and now in Kissimmee, Fla. also provide a jumping-off place for her some of her writing. Shapiro, a retiree from a career in adult education, had her first story  printed in The Jewish World in August of 2013.

In a column relating to her writing and the creation of her first collection of stories, There Goes My Heart, she said, “Initially, I was afraid that I would run out of ideas. As the months progressed, however, I found that even the smallest event— biking up a steep mountain in the Rockies, visiting the Portland Holocaust Memorial, changing my granddaughter’s diaper—could morph from an idea to a story. Family and friends shared their experiences, and with their permission, I wove them into my articles.”

Continuing with that formula, but of late branching out a bit, Shapiro’s Tikkun Olam has as its focus many individuals who are (in her opinion) taking on the responsibility for improving upon creation with social action, charity and acts of kindness. 

“I have the opportunity to not only to share my stories but also to capture the heartwarming accounts of others who, through their actions, are helping to make the world a better place.” said Shapiro.

Readers may share their comments with Shapiro at

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