Frisco, Colo. 15 degrees, Oct. 24, 2019! Photo courtesy of Marilyn Shapiro.

When my daughter Julie headed out to Colorado in 2003, it was originally planned as a nine-month adventure teaching environmental science. Soon, however, Julie fell in love with the mountains, Colorado, and Sam, not necessarily in that order. They built a life together, completed graduate degrees, got married, bought a house near Denver, and had a child. Sure, they had to get everything sorted to move into the area, using a removals company (similar to but a little more local) to make it easier, but it’s worked out well for them. They have settled into life at 9,100 feet and were happy to deal with the difficulties this brought.

It was actually quite touching to see her grow and adapt to life in Colorado. I remember her first winter where she couldn’t get over how cold it was, how much snow there was, and how bad the weather could get. At one point she even rang me saying “Mom, help, I don’t know how to find PDR near me in Denver!” Turn out, she left her car outside and there was a hail storm that dented her roof and cracked her windshield. But she learns quickly. She learned how to prepare for the weather, how to dress for the cold, and how to make the most of the winter. I’m proud of the life she’s made for herself there. The state is beautiful and filled with tourists. Vacation property investments are found to be a trend here, like any other tourist destination. However, the timeshare system doesn’t seem to work for many, and a lot of them are trying to get rid of their timeshare with help of companies like Timeshare Help Source.

Meanwhile, our son Adam chose a different path in another state…San Francisco. After completing a law degree, he moved into an apartment in the middle of the city. Surely, he would have considered the cost of living in the city (if you want to know then check out for more info) and then decide on it! This past December, he met Sarah. After a whirlwind romance, they dated, got engaged, got married, and are now expecting their first child. They have settled into life at sea level.

Far From Family
In the middle of all this, my husband Larry, and, I decided to move from Clifton Park, to a 55 plus community in Florida. It is close to 2,000 and 3,000 miles away from Frisco and San Francisco. There are those who ask us when we will be moving closer to our children. The answer, for now, is not now!

Frisco, Colo., is nestled in beautiful Summit County. Surrounded by mountains reaching over 14,000 feet, it is for us a summer wonderland. Trails beckon us on hikes that bring us next to flowing streams, stunning wildflowers, and expansive vista. Larry plays with Summit County pickleball league while I take long walks with my granddog. Free concerts are offered in most surrounding towns Thursdays through Sunday.

Our favorite is the one on Main Street in Frisco every week. Hundreds of people congregate around the pavilion in the middle of Frisco Town Park. The adults settle into lawn chairs and on blankets, pulling dinners out of coolers, while their dog or dogs settle near by. Meanwhile, the children dart around the lawn and path around the pavilion. It is a slice of Americana that I hadn’t seen since growing up in my Upstate New York town. In addition to the free entertainment, the area has several theater groups and a summer residency for the National Repertory Orchestra. Because of all it offers, Larry and I have rented housing there for the past four summers.

One thousand miles away, San Francisco is one of the most beloved city in America. When we visited Adam, we have taken advantage of all its attractions. We have walked through Golden Gate Park and across the iconic bridge. We have visited Alcatraz, Muir Woods, Sausalito, and Point del Reyes. We have used the city as a starting point to attractions as far south as Monterey and as far north as Astoria, Ore.

Why Not Move?
With such wonderful places to go, why have we have not packed up again? This question has taken on new meaning now that we have The Frisco Kid in Colorado and a soon-to-be grandson

An uphill battle? Winding street inspired by Lombard St. in San Francisco. Photo courtesy Can Stock Photo / Birgit247

in California.

Let me start with Frisco. Everything I wrote about my favorite town is about it during the summer. In 2019, its residents experienced snow through the end of June, enjoyed a beautiful summer, and had its first dusting of the 2019-2020 season on a nearby ski resort on Aug. 22. By Sept. 19, the mountains got enough to get skiers excited.

When we visited Julie and Sam in mid-October, snow fell on five out of six days. As an Upstate New York girl, I always have loved the sight of clean, white snow on lawns and trees and trails.

After dropping The Frisco Kid at pre-school the second full day we were there, in October the sun was shining everywhere, including on the black ice on the sidewalks. We had to leave for the airport a day early as a major storm was expected to bring hazardous conditions. The Weather Channel advisory recommended travelers to pack food, water, and blankets in case one was stranded. Although the snowfall never amounted to more than 2 inches (Denver actually got more!), the temperature dipped to 16 degrees above zero, without wind chill. We love Frisco but cannot see us living there through the long winters.

Other Reasons
The weather in Adam and Sarah’s now established hometown is admittedly better. Even if you factor in the famous Mark Twain quote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco,” we would never have to deal with snow. The city, however, is known for its steep hills and even steeper housing prices. If we sold our home in Florida, we could maybe afford a bathroom. No, I am not talking about a one bedroom, one bath apartment. I am talking about a bathroom. No shower included. And to get to that bathroom, we would probably have to walk up four flights of stairs, as the natives seem to eschew elevators.

There are two more reasons not to move. First of all, a friends have relocated to be close to their children, only to see their children relocate one or two years later because of their careers.

Love Where We Are
Finally, Larry and I love where we are. We are in a one floor home that is a perfect size for the two of us. We have activities that fit our needs: pickleball courts; fully equipped gyms, Olympic sized pools, restaurants, and entertainment venues. To add to our pleasure, within our gates, we have our choice of over 250 clubs and organizations.

Within a 40-minute drive, we have all that Orlando has to offer, including world-class entertainment.

The Frisco Kid experienced Disneyland for the first time last year, and she is already on a campaign to make it a yearly visit. Hopefully, she will soon persuade her new cousin to do the same!

So we are here to stay for as long as we can maintain our independent lifestyle.

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful that both my children have chosen to settle in two of the most wonderful places that we have ever experienced. We have planned visits as well as a promise to them that we can be on a plane in a moment’s notice -if needed. Meanwhile, the guest room is ready for them anytime.

Marilyn Shapiro, formerly of Clifton Park, is now a resident of Kissimmee, Fla. A second compilation of her articles printed in The Jewish World has been published. Tikkun Olam now joins There Goes My Heart. Marilyn Shapiro’s blog is

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