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Vaad Hakashrut of the Capital District meets with Price Chopper kosher department for discussion

The Vaad Hakashrut of the Capital District Board of Directors recently met at the Price Chopper Store #224 with the store manager and members of the kosher department to discuss several important issues including:

  1. 1) Last Passover review
  2. 2) Next Passover — products and service
  3. 3) The need to support the kosher store or face losing the store
  4. 4) Ways to raise the store’s image in the Jewish community
  5. 5) Ways to market the kosher products and raise community awareness of the availability of prepared foods
  6. 6) Possibility of synagogues holding kosher nights
  7. 7) Creating coops in the synagogues, where bulk orders are placed and delivered to the synagogues for members convenience in picking up
  8. 8) Marketing pre-packaged and sealed kosher meat sandwiches to be sold and delivered to other neighborhood stores
  9. 9) Possible summer barbecues at the kosher store
  10. 10) Exploration of how to help families and seniors with food deliveries

While the store staff was cooperative in identifying areas of possible improvement, we were informed that the store marketing is created at corporate headquarters over which the store staff has no control. If customers have issues or suggestions they can contact the store manager who will pass them up the chain of corporate command. We believe there is a commitment to the Jewish community to serve “kosher needs” but without community support that commitment is unsustainable. The store manager asked that the community reach out with comments and suggestions by e-mail, is the direct address to the department.

The Vaad is dedicated to working with Price Chopper to make the kosher department responsive to community needs while maintaining the highest standard of supervision. So far that partnership has worked well and we see no reason it will not continue. With the active support of our community we can ask for more and better service. Without that active support we cannot expect kosher to be important to Price Chopper.

Rabbi Moshe Bomzer, Rav Hamachshir
Stephen Levy, president
Vaad Hakashruth of the Capital District, 877 Madison Ave. Albany


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