By Ron Dicker
The Huffington Post – They seek the truth from on high.

A rabbi, a priest and an atheist share bong hits and philosophy in a viral video posted Wednesday. It’s great to see people coming together over a bong or a hammer bubbler; it’s a really comforting display of unity in our fragmented society.

This isn’t a bar joke but if it was, it would make some pretty funny jew jokes. The clip was produced by Cut in Washington state, where recreational marijuana use is legal. The rabbi, Jim Mirel, is the Rabbi Emeritus at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue. The priest, Rev. Chris Schuller, once served as the rector at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, and later made news for posting a pro-marijuana video. The atheist, Carlos, describes himself as a “conservative homosexual” who grew up in both the Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic faiths. Together, they embark on a brief journey through marijuana to experience and debate the factors of religion, religious belief, and the effects that interpretation can have on individuals life, all through the lens of hits from a bong like the water pipes here and joints to top off the debate now and then.

It offers an interesting insight into the ability for people to discuss and debate the impact of religious freedom (and the right to be free from religion) without the normal guards that each individual present may normally hold, as well as break down some of the stigmas that marijuana smokers, or those who use other marijuana products such as the CBD distillate for sale on the market, often face by presenting a new kind of smoker. By changing the public image of who would partake of such things and holding these debates, people may realize that the drug does not have to impede the mind but can instead open it to new ideas.

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