Experience the grand display of George Balanchine’s three-part masterpiece Jewels.

Emeralds moves at Fauré’s mesmerizing pace, while Rubies races like lightning through Stravinsky’s jazz-inflected capriccio. With its symphonic Tschaikovsky score, Diamonds venerates the regality of Balanchine’s classical heritage.

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Emeralds floats at Fauré’s mesmerizing pace, evoking an underwater setting with delicate and pliable movement. The music was derived from Edmond Haraucourt’s Shylock, a French verse adaptation of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Rubies sends its dancers racing across the stage like lightning to Stravinsky’s jazz-inflected piano capriccio, emphasized by a sharp attack and sassy style.

With its symphonic Tschaikovsky score, Diamonds exudes the regality of Balanchine’s native Russia for an elegant and romantic experience.