“Last night’s rally in Saratoga (May1) was a demonstration designed to demonize Israel and intimidate the Jewish community. While some participants claimed not to be antisemitic, their rhetoric and actions proved otherwise.


Chanting ‘From the River to Sea, Palestine Will Be Free’ is a call for the genocidal elimination of the world’s only Jewish state. Supporting ‘Globalizing the Intifada’ is asking for terrorists to go on a killing spree and murder innocent Jews in Israel and around the world.


The Jewish community strongly supports the first amendment rights of anyone to assemble on public property (if properly permitted) and to say whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t serve to threaten or intimidate others. Clearly, last night’s rally did just that.


Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York mourns every innocent life taken since Hamas started this war on October 7. We, too, support an immediate cessation of violence as soon as Hamas returns the hostages it took and surrenders.


Only then – when those who have publicly stated that their goal is the elimination of Israel and the death of every Jew is eliminated as a threat – can we begin to negotiate a lasting and compatible peace.”


Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York is the area’s central agency for meeting Jewish needs and articulating Jewish concerns in the Capital Region, Israel, nationally, and around the world. More information can be found on its website at www.jewishfedny.org.