Avigayil and Muhammad are the most popular baby names in Israel, according to Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority, which leading up to Rosh Hashanah released the 10 most popular names for babies born since the previous Jewish new year.

The list, based on the country’s population registry, reveals Avigayil, Miriam, Tamar, Yael, Noa, Sara, Maya, Adel, Ayala and Lia as the top 10 names for girls from all backgrounds born in the last year. For males of all backgrounds, the most popular are Muhammad, Adam, Yosef, David, Ariel, Omer, Lavi, Daniel, Rafael and Ori.

Avigayil, Tamar, Yael, Noa, Adel, Maya, Sara, Libi, Ayala and Lia are the most popular names for Jewish girls. David, Ariel, Lavi, Ori, Refael, Noam, Eitan, Ari, Daniel and Yehuda are on the list for Jewish boys.