Interior of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Photo courtesy of Ingfbruno via Wikimedia Commons.



Capitol police took into custody more than 300 people under charges of illegally protesting, with three also accused of assault, on Oct. 19 after a rally in the U.S. Capitol building led by far-left groups. Participants wore black shirts and chanted “Jews say ceasefire now” and “Let Gaza live” while sitting in the Cannon Rotunda waving banners.

Organized by IfNotNow and Jewish Voice for Peace—two of the most prominent leftist anti-Zionist Jewish groups—the activists received warnings about the criminality of Capitol protests. After failing to comply, police arrested and later released 305 individuals charged with an illegal protest. Three others also charged with assaulting officers needed to see a judge before potential release.

According to protest attendee David Zirin, writing about the experience for the far-left flagship periodical The Nation, “aided by a melodious shofar, two dozen rabbis spoke about the moral urgency of the moment while thousands of fellow Jews chanted ‘Ceasefire now!’ outside the building.”

It is against the law to protest in congressional offices.