Notes from former Albanian Steve Phaff, one of the children of locally famous Albany community leader and fundraiser Leo Phaff:

We are blessed with kids who are following in the footsteps of family values and Jewish community leadership, by engaging in projects that are helping Jews in need at this time.

With the war in Israel affecting all of its citizens, hundreds if not thousands of  families living near the south and north borders  have been evacuated from their homes as a safety measure,  taking few necessities and limited clothing. The children of these families are going through hard times.

Joshua Phaff, son of Stephen and Gale Phaff (daughter of Frank and Adele Grayman of Schenectady, A”H),  one-time Albanians who live in Israel, has, with his toy business prowess, partnered with a Beit Shemesh congregation, Kehilat Ha’elah, to distribute care packages of toys and games to children in Beit Shemesh and Ramat Beit Shemesh  region.

The Phaffs’ daughter, Leah Ehrenreich of Jerusalem, who runs a ‘g’mach’* for girls’ school uniforms at a very low price, is handling the distribution of these packages to newly arriving families in the Jerusalem area.

To learn more and contribute to this program, use this link:

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* g’mach = an abbreviation for גמילות חסדים‎, gemilut chasadim, “acts of kindness”) is a free-loan fund