ALBANY – Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, teacher and lecturer of Jewish philosophy, history and mysticism, will be the scholar in residence the Shabbat weekend of Aug. 12-13 for the Colonie Chai Chabad, 284 Osborne Rd., Loudonville. He will share his passion for Torah and Judaism at a Friday night dinner, Shabbat morning services, the kiddush that follows, and conclude Shabbat with a lecture that will also offer refreshments.

Screenshot of Rabbi Yossi Paltiel at an Av 15, 2020 farbrengen.

Paltiel is Chana Rubin’s (co-director of Colonie Chabad) father. Paltiel is a teacher at the Rabbinical College of Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch and Machon L’Yahadus Women’s Institute in Brooklyn. Thousands of his audio classes may be found at “His classes weave together classic commentaries, history and philosophy, personal stories, ethics, and a deep knowledge of Chassidus and Kabbalah into a whole that’s both intellectually challenging and heartwarming,” according to Rabbi Mordechai Rubin, co-director of Colonie Chabad.

Information and reservations may be obtained by contacting Rabbi Mordechai Rubin,  [email protected] or by calling 518-368-7886.  There will be no charge for the programs