ALBANY–The Drama Mamas, a Jewish Women’s group, will present an original musical (for women and girls only) on Sunday, March 10, and also on Sunday, March 17. Both performances will be at 2 p.m. at the Albany Civic Theater, 235 Second Ave., Albany. “The Last Resort” musical will explore themes of contemporary Jewish culture and life.

The original musical by Elisheva Liberman, follows a group of women who meet to explore their Jewish identities. They learn a lot about each other and themselves. One year later, they have a reunion. Who has changed the most? Who made aliyah?

According to organizers, the musical is planned in conjunction and in the spirit of the Purim holiday, which  commemorates the bravery of Queen Esther, a Jewish woman, who saved the Jewish people from destruction. Jewish communities around the world will celebrate the holiday with plays or “spiels” which recount the story on and around the March 23/24 holiday.

“The Last Resort” cast members include: Nirit Ovadia Hull, Simone Hull, Susannah Levin, Rebecca Schwarzmer, Nechama Liberman, Esther Liberman, Amarit Rosin, Adina Wildman, Sophia Gurock, Esther Ita Holt, Tanya Schwarz, Tziporah Kaufmann, Devorah Leah Kaufmann, Leah Ahavah Weintraub, Gittel Laber, Marian Mattice, and Dini Gordon. The musical will also feature the debut of the Drama Daughters. The  daughter group  includes: Gavi Horowitz, Jasmine Simons, Sara Forero, Dassi Gordon, Rachel Maddali, Rivkah Kaufmann, Odelia Schulman-Marcus, Beatrice Bass, Rivka Caras, Suri Weisberg and Gittel Holt.

The Drama Mamas is a local theater organization, founded by Elisheva Liberman. This is its third presentation.

Advance tickets and sponsorship information are at:

All proceeds go to support the Shalom Food Pantry, which serves over 200 kosher meals to local families every month.