Jews don’t control the weather. Of course. But that doesn’t mean a visiting Chasidic rapper can’t help report local temperatures on television.

That’s just what Nissim Black did on FOX Carolina News in Greenville, S.C. And the forecast got, well, Talmudic.

Nissim Black. Photo courtesy of YouTube.

“I don’t know why it decided to be four degrees hotter over here, but that’s what happened,” said Black, who was in town for a concert at Furman University. “I don’t understand why it’s 55 here.”

He asked the regular weather forecaster to explain why the sun is hotter in some places than in other places “that only seem to be nothing but two minutes away from each other.” He was told that it’s cooler in foggier areas and hotter in sunnier ones.

“Yesterday was raining,” Black said. “I didn’t expect that in South Carolina. I expected it to be sunny. Sunny people, at least I should say.”

Black, who wore a frock coat and black hat during the interview, converted to Judaism in 2011. He lives in Israel. He has a following of nearly 220,000 across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.