Now is the time for good people to stand up for decency. We are facing a war against savages.

Let the world — and the Jewish community — know where you stand. Don’t be afraid of the Islamo-fascists!

In today’s divided world, our strength is in unity. Everyone going in different directions — our antidote is togetherness.

We, you, your customers are all together — we’re in trouble, with the possibility of nuclear disaster ever closer. Together we can overcome this fear and prevent catastrophe. We’re all included in the prayers for peace.

Action is now!

We have to return to civil public discourse — we have to censure the malignant idiots (including those in Congress!) for their brazen  two-faced corruption. We have to stand up for Western civilization, for morality, for Jewish and Christian values—for life.

We have to help Europe out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, we have to make it again safe for Jews to walk down the streets of major cities— cities that represented the flower of western culture. And now this plague is infesting our beloved country.

You and I are under the gun. We have to keep America on its toes. We have to do the opposite in Israel from what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. We can triumph over the forces of evil if we stop binge-watching Netflix, and keep our eyes on the ball. We can’t escape. Your decisions are meaningful.

Awareness is everything. Please support our work to reveal the global “axis of evil” — Iran-Russia-North Korea-China.

We provide the antidote to the disinformation and force-fed political theory that has insinuated itself into college curricula. Tons of money from Mideast oil has financed this rotten fiasco. Our young people have been brainwashed to hate not only Israel — but America!

Advertising or underwriting The Jewish World’s journalism will help correct this garbage. And our readers are loyal consumers — when it’s time to buy, they’ll remember who supported them.

Why light candles? What is Chanukah?

Chanukahcelebrates the victory over Syrian-Greek armies by small Jewish guerrilla bands led by the Maccabees!
– The re-dedication of the Temple, which had been desecrated by the pagans.
– This happened in 164 BCE.
– 2200 years later, it’s the same thing!

We will prevail over darkness.  Join us as we light candles on Chanukah!

With your support we will send our subscribers to you. We have a loyal group of committed readers who have been with us for over 50 years. And their families, second and third generations.

Quantity is good — anyone can claim quantity — only we can deliver the quality audience you need and want.

You see what’s happening in the world today. This is the time we need you.

Can I count on you?


James Clevenson
Publisher, The Jewish World

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