As of October 18th, more than 1,300 Israelis (soldiers and civilians) are confirmed dead, nearly 4,000 have been injured, and at least 199 Israelis have been kidnapped and taken to Gaza. Some 360,000 IDF reserves have been called up for duty, and the IDF and security forces are now constantly engaged in protecting the citizens of Israel and maintaining our safety. They have officially launched Operation “Iron Swords,” and we must strengthen and support them.
Eshkol has roughly 200 residents who have died and more than 150 missing. 
All the kids from the recent trip to Albany are ok though many of them have lost parents, siblings, and other family/friends. All of them are relocated to other areas. Judih and Gadi haggai as well as many others  are still missing. The chief at kibbutz magen is injured and lost his leg, and there are many more stories that will require years of ptsd therapy and resilience work.
Many of Eshkol’s kibbutizim and villages are almost completed decimated and they have been part of the tours for officials today for planning–though it’s tremendously difficult to do so while actively engaged in war. Though many residents remain quite hopeful for a return to their homes,  rebuild and time of peace.
Our hearts are with our partners and we wish safety to all.
KB Goodkin
Director of Community Engagement, Jewish Federation of NE NY
Director of The LAB: Center for Learning And Belonging
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