In this crisis, Soroka Needs Your Support

from Rachel Heisler

 [email protected]

With life and death situations relentlessly presenting themselves, Soroka’s Francis and Nathan Kirsh Emergency Department and Trauma Center is central to the hospital’s emergency response. We need additional medical equipment to assure our ability to continue to respond.

Soroka Medical Center is front and center in providing a medical response to the war. Soroka is a strategic asset for the IDF and closely coordinates with Israel’s military and civilian leadership to meet the developing needs in this crisis. 

Soroka has already treated over 790 patients, approximately 145 of whom are in critical condition and 149 moderately wounded. The hospital has suspended elective procedures and treatments. Soroka’s staff is rendering life-saving care around the clock, in the face of personal loss and fear. Your support is essential to helping Soroka meet this demand and to ensure the acquisition of essential medical equipment. 

Please contact us with any questions or to make a specific donation at [email protected] or Rachel Heisler, Executive Director at (914) 582-6750.


  • • ST1-X Stretchers (Need #48) – $220K total cost
  • Hospital Beds (Need # 44 – total cost $110K)
  • Intensive Care and Therapy Hospital Beds (Need #8 – total cost $150K)
  • TRIOS trauma-operating table – cost $106K
  • Infusion pumps with additional 8 docking stations (Need#48, Mass casualty events require us to treat many patients at the same time and we are in need of additional infusion pumps with docking stations to avoid delay in care
  • Vein Detection Ultrasound System (With hundreds of civilians, and soldiers wounded, we are in need of blood transfusions: this special vein detection system helps speedup blood donations)
  • Orthopedic Trauma Rehabilitation Device
  • •Point of Care – Ultrasound System – Diagnostic ultrasound system which allows us to evaluate patient condition fast to provide them with life-saving treatment immediately.
  • “DUPLEX” – a special medical system combining Ultrasound and Doppler to help us check blood flow easily and effectively, saving the lives of many patients.
  • Intracranial Pressure monitoring device
  • Mini C-Arm X-Ray device
  • New Generation Monitor Defibrillator – for treating a patient while in transit.
  • StealthStation S8 – Electromagnetic Surgical Navigation System – A vitally important, cutting-edge system that enables clear visualization and surgical navigation.
  • LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator – for CPR