Jew-hating congressional Democrats found yet another way to express humanity’s first hatred.

By DOUGLAS ANDREWS (via Patriot Post)

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Democrats have a Jew problem.

The problem? They hate ‘em. Not all Democrats, of course. Indeed, we’re sure that plenty of Democrats there on Capitol Hill will swear up and down that some of their best friends are Jews. Honest.

Still, elections have consequences, and one of the consequences of the Republicans’ capture of the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterms is the GOP’s ability to put forth bills and resolutions and to call votes. And one recent vote has proved inconvenient for their Democrat colleagues.

We’re speaking about HR 57, a resolution “Expressing the sense of Congress supporting the State of Israel,” which was voted upon yesterday and which condemns Jew hatred while noting that Israel isn’t “a racist or apartheid state.”

The resolution passed overwhelmingly, with 217 Republican votes and 195 Democrat votes.

Of course, the vote wasn’t unanimous — like, say, a vote reaffirming the chamber’s love of dogs or ice cream. Instead, some very high-profile Democrats voted against it. And, yes, they’re the usual Jew-hating suspects: Jamaal Bowman of New York, Cori Bush of Missouri, Andre Carson of Indiana, Summer Lee of Pennsylvania, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, Delia Ramirez of Illinois, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

Tlaib even took Israeli quotes grossly out of context as evidence to “prove” her hysterical shrieking about Israel being an “apartheid state.”

Notably absent from the above list was Washington Democrat Pramila Jayapal, who came under fire recently for an errant bit of Jew hatred, which she tried to clean up by saying: “I do not believe the idea of Israel as a nation is racist. I do, however, believe that [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government has engaged in discriminatory and outright racist policies and that there are extreme racists driving that policy within the leadership of the current government.”

Uh, thanks for clearing that up, Pramila.

“Anti-Semitism,” as Republican Senator Marco Rubio notes, “is an ancient poison,” and he’s right. It is, perhaps, humanity’s first form of hatred, and it clearly infects today’s Democrat Party, even if only in these small numbers.

Does it infect Joe Biden? It’s hard to say, but a fish rots from the head. And an intolerant tone has clearly been set by the Democrat Left, as witnessed by the Muslim mobs that, as columnist Daniel Greenfield reports, seem to be getting a pass for viciously assaulting Jews in the leftist enclaves of New York City and Los Angeles.

Biden hasn’t been as blatantly and disgracefully disrespectful of Bibi Netanyahu as Barack Obama was, but it’s notable that he refused to invite Netanyahu to Washington to celebrate the 75-year anniversary of Israel’s statehood, instead inviting Israel’s non-politically affiliated president, Isaac Herzog, whose office doesn’t hold nearly the stature of the nation’s prime minister, but whose politics are more palatable to the American Left.

The Herzog-for-Netanyahu snub wasn’t good enough for Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, though, who a week ago said, “There is no way in hell I am attending the joint session address from a President whose country has banned me and denied Rashida Tlaib.”

Hmm… why might Israel have banned her? Might it have something to do with her naked Jew hatred?

In fairness to Biden, his handlers now say he’s invited Netanyahu to visit in September. Still, for Bibi to have been stiffed on this grand occasion while his less oratorically gifted underling is invited to address a joint session of Congress speaks volumes and no doubt gives comfort to the Jew haters in the Democrat caucus.

All this points to the odd makeup of the Democrat Party, which is a veritable bouillabaisse of distinct interest groups. While Republicans are mostly folks who love their country and its constitutional principles, Democrats are a mix of academics, elitists, young people, career students, trust-fund babies, trial lawyers, environmentalists, Hollywood types, Big Tech censors, social media addicts, comment-board crazies, criminals and ex-cons, public-sector union members, gays and lesbians, transgenders, unmarried women, blacks, and other minorities. Perhaps the only common thread among these groups — aside from their perceived victimhood and their fealty to the Democrat Party — is that they tend to be low-information voters. Not all of them, of course. Trust-funders, for example, tend to have a lot of time on their hands with which to immerse themselves in politics.

Jews are another heretofore reliable part of the Democrat caucus, but this loyalty is becoming more curious with each passing year. What must American Jews think about the likes of an unrepentant Jew hater like Ilhan Omar or her Muslim sidekick and fellow congresswoman Rashida Tlaib?

In any case, the general ignorance among many Democrats about the dissonance and the seemingly irreconcilable differences within the party’s ranks no doubt benefits the whole, especially when it comes time to vote.

Ignorance, after all, is bliss. And so, it seems, is the Jew hatred on the Left.