Manischewitz is re-branding for a new age



Manischewitz®, a leading kosher brand for over 130 years, has a ‘rebrand’ with a bold, fresh look, and new products.

Manischewitz will display the rebranded new graphics and colors across all products and will be promoted heavily on the Manischewitz website, in-store displays and social media.  New merchandise— tank tops and tote bags featuring “Yiddishisms” reflecting the brand heritage are—available at

 New products set to debut at Passover and beyond will reflect a new ethos, supporting the brand’s commitment to its core values while inviting a broader audience to explore the richness of Jewish cuisine. Manischewitz is set to make the kosher aisle a destination for everyone, regardless of background or dietary practices. The company wants Manischewitz products to be—more than food — invitations to participate in Jewish culture.

New products include frozen gluten-free and kosher for Passover knishes; frozen gluten-free matzo balls; grape seed oil in bottles and spray cans. There is new branding on matzo, matzo meal, gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, matzo ball mix, matzo farfel, mandlen soup nuts, chocolate covered matzos, macaroons, mezonos cookies, chicken broth, and cake mixes, and more.

Since 1888

Manischewitz was founded in a small bakery built to make Passover matzo in 1888 by Rabbi Dov Behr Manischewitz. Success paved the way for new products like Tam® crackers, soup, macaroons, and gefilte fish. Today’s Manischewitz offers broths, noodles, potato pancakes, and matzo balls. 

The fresh look is a result of interviews with consumers and experts who visited headquarters and delved into the historical roots of the company. This exploration highlighted the connection between Jewish culture, cuisine, and the importance of family and food. 

“Manischewitz is well-known among loyal consumers who buy the brand day in, day out,” said Shani Seidman, CMO of Kayco, the parent company for Manischewitz. The new look targets a younger Jewish audience as well as a mainstream culturally curious audience, she said.

With a legacy rooted in Jewish tradition, Manischewitz is embarking on a journey to transcend the kosher aisle, inviting everyone to “savor our tradition” and explore the culinary depths of Jewish heritage.

“Manischewitz is not just about food; it is about stories, heritage, and a sense of belonging. Through this rebranding, we aim to capture the hearts of the culturally curious and kosher-keeping alike, offering a taste of Jewish tradition that is accessible to all, Seidman said. “Inspired by the inclusivity seen in brands with other cuisines, Manischewitz seeks to become the emblematic gateway to Jewish culture, one delicious product at a time.”